One mint taste is not very pleasant, but others do not represent my day without a glass of mint tea.Today, most people are very sympathetic to this drink, and not because the nerves are not in order.
After tea from peppermint is really delicious.But when it comes - pregnancy, many women are extremely sensitive about everything that they consume.Mint tea is the fairer sex often question: whether to drink it, when you're in position?And if so, how much tea you can drink in a day?

Mint during pregnancy: the pros and cons
Some were surprised by the fact that the mint during pregnancy can have any negative impact on a woman's body.But in fact, so it can really happen.Remember, because any medication during pregnancy are prohibited (at least undesirable), and mint among other things though it is considered harmless grass, but also relates to therapeutic herbs.

Mint during pregnancy - what is it cunning?

• The mint contains a large number of female hormone called estrogen, so the use of, for example,
the mint tea in excessive amounts can lead to increased uterine contractions and trigger premature labor.So the pleasure of this drink can be seen not only as a pleasure.

• Mint substantially lowers blood pressure, as the substances contained in it lowers the tone of blood vessels.If you have low blood pressure, mint tea is contraindicated, especially when bremennnosti.

• As the veins dilate, the mint is also not to be taken for those who suffer from varicose veins.In the last months of pregnancy, women face this phenomenon quite common.

• Drinking mint tea slows down the process of milk production, so the closer you are to leave, the less of the drink is recommended to drink.In the last month of this tea is better to refuse.

• Pregnancy safely be called a period of surprises.Therefore, drinking a cup of mint tea can lead to dizziness or cause nausea, and can have a very beneficial calming effect and add energy.Much depends on the characteristics of the female organism.

But no matter how much we may say that the mint during pregnancy is harmful and almost never prohibited, still in her hand, there are positive aspects and now we are telling you about them.
mint Benefits for pregnant

• Most pregnant women start gradually appearing pigmentation on the face.The infusion of mint can to help with the elimination of this unpleasant phenomenon, as well as peppermint relieves dry skin.To the facial skin has become supple again, enough time in the day to wipe it so infusion.Some prefer to freeze cubes of water, which previously thrown a few leaves of mint.This method is also effective.

• Mint has diuretic properties.Therefore, these teas are perfectly purified kidney stones withdrawn, detoxify the body as a whole.

• Many pregnant women will please the fact that the Mint also has antiemetic properties as well as the problem of constant vomiting bothers many women in the state.Also with the help of mint tea can eliminate nausea, is not it great?

• Mint is able to relieve colic, constipation, diarrhea and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract that occur during pregnancy.

• In the first trimester of pregnancy teas from this plant helps to cope with toxemia.

• Like it or not, but the mint is an excellent sedative, so moderate drinking this tea may make women mood swings, which are so afraid of men, less expressive.

• Increases female libido.During pregnancy, it is weighty reduced.
How to drink mint tea and pregnancy and how much to drink
Peppermint tea - a drink is very tasty, so a woman can easily position to use it beyond the norm, if it does not know limits.First of all I must say that is too strong tea is not worth doing.If the usual rate fortress mint drink approximately 3-4 leaf on glass, throw some more, you can now restrict and 2 leaves.The recipe is simple brew of mint tea:

• chop the mint leaves into small pieces, and if the mint is only available in dried form, can barely break;
• pour boiling water;
• let stand 15-20 minutes and start drinking tea.

Regarding mint leaves: it is better to use a mint from the pharmacy to the body did not get the bacteria that may be on the mint from the garden.

way minty drink advise to use without biting cookies, cakes and other "necessities tea."By itself, this tea is delicious, and the benefits of this drink a lot more when you drink it is not seizing anything.
permissible norms of mint tea for pregnant women - not more than 4 cups a day. It's quite a lot, so even if you can not live without this drink, you feel a great lack of will not.However, let's face it, is not so necessary is this drink.There are many alternatives to the drink of mint, which is also great to quench thirst and does not bear any risk.

Other mint products during pregnancy
In this article we talked about the dangers and benefits not only the mint tea and the plant as a whole.Now let's see, how can affect the body mint, is a component of certain foods.

• Essential oil.
of mint essential oil has a lot of negative feedback from experts in the field of medicine.However, this issue is quite controversial for a long time.

aromatherapist Vabner Dietrich, for example, argues that peppermint oil brings only harm during pregnancy, he said this stuff has a negative impact on the fetus.But Dr. Denise Vichello Brown claims that more than once given to pregnant patients treatment with peppermint oil and observed only a positive result.When used properly, the risk of oil in moderate doses is small.Sometimes the mint essential oil is used directly in childbirth to facilitate the process, so the contractions become more frequent, the woman relax easier and easier to survive childbirth.

mainly mint oil used for aromatherapy to reduce the stress in women.This essential oil is everything else has a tonic effect.This therapy is easily carried out at home, which is why it is very popular among pregnant women.

• peppermints and candy
candies with mint extract also have a calming effect, so use them can and should be during pregnancy.Of course, in all should know when to stop.Not more than 10 chocolates or candies a day.But if possible, select those that are made based on sugar instead of sucrose.Another criterion in the choice - at least dyes and preservatives.Feel free to explore the composition of the candy in the store, because at stake is the health of your crumbs.If you see a lot of constituents who do not suit you, feel free to leave a minty treat on a shelf.

Also, these chocolates can deliver from sickness, so that the goodies for future mothers - a real salvation.By the way, there are also mint cookies, they are also allowed, eat to your health!

• Toothpaste
Today mint toothpastes are very popular, they give a fresh breath and said advertising perfectly bleached teeth.And how does this paste on the body of a pregnant woman?
breath freshening better to use special dental drops of mint extract, which can be found in the pharmacy.And here is to use different broths and floss teeth whitening during pregnancy.From toothpaste, even the most innocuous according to the manufacturer, should be abandoned.

• Mint and menthol gum
When pregnancy is prohibited any gum and even the presence of peppermint extract does not save them.Cud have a detrimental effect on the digestive system and contain a lot of preservatives.
Mint: an external agent in pregnancy

Speaking of mint, we were immediately reminded of mint tea or a candy with the taste.But not everyone knows that the mint also has an external application.

• Fresh mint leaves applied to wounds and ulcers even .To do this, you must first sheets rinse well and dry, and only then attach to the damaged area of ​​the skin and secure, such as a bandage for 3-4 hours.Doing so should be daily until the wound begins to tighten.

• For headaches mint leaves applied to the forehead. during pregnancy is an anti-headache is simply irreplaceable as any medications prohibited at this time.

• If a pregnant woman worried arthritis or gout , doctors recommend applying crushed fresh mint leaves to the places where the pain is most severe.Peppermint is excellent relieves pain.But be careful not to overdo it with the amount, because even with topical allergic reaction may occur.

• When rheumatism doctors strongly recommended to make compresses of mint leaves in fresh and in dried form.

• Many pregnant women fear biting insects.Unpleasant itching and allergic symptoms can be very alert future moms.To cope with this tick will also help packs of mint leaves.It is necessary to make a compress as soon as possible after the bite, so mint efficiency will be the most high.Just chop the leaves and apply them to the affected insect place.

• Drinking mint tea in the opinion of many experts in the field of medicine can cause the disappearance of milk or a substantial reduction in its amount.But when applied externally mint, quite the contrary, stimulates lactation .This requires applying the peppermint leaf to the chest 10-15 minutes.

Mint during pregnancy: contra
No matter how useful mint, although the negative impact it may have, but there are some cases in which the use of peppermint in any form is totally prohibited.

• varicose veins
bothers you or varicose veins before pregnancy began to trouble in the third trimester - is not the point, the attempt is impossible to use for varicose veins.

• Gastric ulcer
Those who have problems with the digestive system should refuse to accept the tea of ​​mint leaves and other products containing mint.

Summarizing the above, we can conclude that the mint tea can be consumed, but in moderation.
oil of this plant is very beneficial effect on the body, but the treatment using such oils should appoint an expert.

extremely helpful during pregnancy may be mint for wounds, insect bites, headaches.Choice, in any case, it remains for future mommy.