There isn’t a woman in the world that do not desire nice firm and shaped breasts, and for that matter there isn’t a man in the world that doesn’t like these types of breasts. However, let us concentrate on the ladies. Sadly, as certain age comes our breasts are also affected by it; they become saggy and lose their natural flexibility. Nevertheless, there are many solutions which are quite helpful regarding this matter which will tone and make the breasts firmer than before. This can happen as a result of healthy diet, routine exercise, and proper body care. Therefore, in order to recover the firmness of saggy breasts, you will have to:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Perform breast massage by using pomegranate oil and Aloe Vera.

Natural Treatments and Exercises for Sagging Breasts

Breast Exercises

There are many breast workouts that can help you in firming the breasts. These presented exercises are very effective in forming the breasts, reducing the excess fat deposits, and strengthen the pectoral muscles located under the breasts.

Arm Raise
It is a basic workout. All you have to do is to stand with your feet apart and reach straight up.

Chest Press
For this exercise you will need a flat bench holding a dumbbell in each hand and lying on top of your thighs. Next, stretch your arms and stay like that for 10 seconds. Then push the dumbbells up in order for your arms to be straight over your shoulders having your palms up. After that, lower the dumbbells down to the level of your elbows or somewhere below your shoulders.

To effectively do this exercise, you need to lie on your stomach on the ground. Next, press your body up with your arms. However, keep your back straight while performing this exercise. Go into plank position then lower the body. Continue to press your body up. When you push back to initial position you need to exhale.

Note: The body has to stay in a straight line from head to toe.


For doing breast massages, you can use different ingredients. Those ingredients can be: coconut oil, veggie or olive oil, or any other essential oils, and few ice cubes. Implement regular breast massages in your weekly routine, and practice them two to three times a week.

Breast Masks

This method is also extraordinary which will provide you with firm and toned breasts.

Egg and Vitamin E Oil Breast Mask

Needed ingredients:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of Vitamin E oil
  • 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt


Combine all the ingredients and mix them well till you form a thick paste. When you have a ready mask, apply it on your breasts with a mild massage. Let it stay for half an hour, and afterwards wash it off with cold water.