Every Woman Has This Evil In Itself: Turn Off The Hormone For Gaining Weight In Your Body And Melt The Fat!

If you want to effectively lose weight you need to deactivate hormones that store fat. You will succeed with these few tips…

The only way to reduce the level of cortisol is to exercise or meditate.

A healthy diet is also important, do not eat fatty meat, eat fish and walnuts, enter as much omega 3 fatty acids, and eat fruits and vegetables as well. It is essential to sleep enough.

High level of insulin resistance contributes to weight gain, as well as diabetes.

The best way to not develop resistance to insulin is that less sugar intake. He is the main cause viscelar fat. Sleep 7-8 hours a day, because lack of sleep also leads to insulin resistance.

Estrogen increases physiological or with diet.

In women sometimes increases due to treatment with contraceptive pills. It is best to increase it naturally. Eat high-fiber foods such as barley and oats, organic fruits and vegetables which will naturally reduce estrogen.

Leptin is a hormone that surprisingly works.

When you eat more and more it regulates fats and sugars faster, and doing the exact opposite when you do not eat enough. The best way to raise your leptin levels is to consume carbohydrates, but to exercise as well. Quick walk will help you increase your endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety.