There Are 4 Types of Weight Gain Stomach. What is Your Type And How to Get Rid of Fat!

In order to find suitable exercises for yourself and lose weight, you need to know your type thick stomach.

Swollen belly

It occurs as a result of the consumption of food and drinks that your body can not stand. This type of stomach, is due to reduced consumption of vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, you need to drink healthy beverages and you will reduce the swelling. Eat healthy and keep the necessary physical activity.

Tummy type like tires

This type of stomach occurs because you do not move enough and mostly sitting, and you continue to eat sweets. Therefore, to get rid of him, be physically active, and remove alcohol and junk food out of use.

Fat in the lower abdomen

Fat that occurs in the lower part of the stomach is present because it does not move and always eat the same food. Therefore, move, eat healthy, using naturally squeezed juices that will help reduce fat.

Stomach due to stress

This type occurs in the lower part and frequently on perfectionist, people under stress or in those who have problems with digestion and swelling.

Do not skip meals, stop eat junk food and reduce the amount of caffeine. You should know that skipping meals can not get well because it leads to many diseases (diabetes).