How To Naturally Care For Your Skin With Papaya

Today we want to explain how to care for the skin to fill it with brightness, light and vitality, making use of home remedies.To do this, we put at your disposal a totally natural beauty trick made with papaya , a fruit that you can buy in any supermarket and that will serve to prepare this recipe to teach you how to care for the skin without using chemicals or resorting to treatments Your pocket


  • -One papaya
  • -One lemon –
  • -Half glass of water

Steps to follow

1. Divide the lemon into two and squeeze one of its parts.

2. Once you have made it into juice , introduce the juice into a bowl and set it aside.

3. Then clean the papaya very well so that its bacteria do not settle on your face, cut a slice and remove the seeds .

4. Crush the papaya with the aid of a fork until turning it into a kind of puree.

5. Then, recover the lemon juice that you have previously expressed, add a little water so that the acidity of this fruit does not irritate your skin and mix the liquid with the papaya.

6. Remove both ingredients until it forms a homogenous paste and spread the product over the clean skin avoiding covering the skin surrounding the eyes and lips.

7. Let this natural mask work for about 20 minutes .

8. After that time, rinse with plenty of warm water.

Papaya remove dead cells from your face, it will soften the skin , attenuate blemishes and bring light to the skin, while lemon eliminate glare and dry the pimples own acne. Put into practice this home beauty trick that teaches you how to take care of the skin 2 times a week . The main advantages of this home remedy for perfect skin are: –

It is prepared with two natural ingredients.

  • -It does not contain chemicals.
  • -It’s not complicated.
  • -It’s economic. If you want to have a youthful, radiant and luminous skin you will also like the homemade beauty tips that teach you to prepare grape masks .