Despite what you may have thought by now, elderly people aren’t the only ones prone to a stroke. In fact, strokes can happen to people of all ages. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to recognize the most common early signs and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

For that purpose, we’ve made a list of the 10 most common symptoms of stroke. Let’s take a look at the list:

Pain in the face, usually on one side

Sometimes, when a stroke is about to happen, a person may experience pain stabs in the extremities or on one side of the face.

Inability to catch a breath

Sudden loss of breath and difficulty breathing are very common for people who are having a stroke since the lack of oxygen causes arrhythmia.

Loss of vision or blurry vision

44% of stroke patients have experienced loss of vision or blurry vision in one or both eyes.

Loss of balance and inability to walk

A lot of stroke patients have reported general weakness in the upper and lower limbs prior to a stroke. Some have even experienced paralysis and collapse. In order to test whether you are having a stroke, open the arms wide with the palms up and try to hold them for 10 seconds. If one of the arms falls, it means that your muscles are weak and you’re probably having a stroke.

Facial paralysis

Usually, only one side of the face is paralyzed when a person is experiencing a stroke.

Sudden headache and/or vertigo

Usually, vertigo happens in women younger than 45 and this is a clear sign that you need a medical assistance.

Trouble speaking and understanding speech

This symptom may vary from tiny confusions to inability to speak and delirium.


According to studies, women often feel confused, disoriented, and tired prior to a stroke.

Migraine and headache

According to a study, 588 of the participants who suffered from a stroke were young people who experienced a sharp headache or suffered from migraine.

How to reduce the chances for a stroke

Be physically active

Eat healthy food

Get enough sleep

Regulate your body weight

Don’t smoke

Reduce the intake of alcohol