Do You Know What And Why The Pancreas Is For And How To Care For It?

We have all heard of the pancreas, but most of us would not know what functions to perform in our organism or how we can know if we should pay more attention to it.

What is pancreas for?

The pancreas is a gland located in the abdomen, behind the stomach and in front of the spine, which has two fundamental functions:

It secretes digestive enzymes that pass into the small intestine. This is its main function and it is imperative to digest well, especially fats and proteins.
It produces three types of hormones that pass into the blood: insulin, which regulates our energy, glucagon, and somatostatin. All three are interrelated and must be in balance to maintain correct blood sugar levels.

Do we have a balanced pancreas?

The diseases that can be related to the pancreas are pancreatitis, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and pancreatic cancer. However, well before suffering any of them, our pancreas may not be working at all well. We give you some clues so you can know if you should pay special attention.

The pancreas is reflected in the lips, appetite, and taste so if you have any of these three altered, you should take it into account. It is quite significant, for example, that very often we need to eat sweet things, that we satiate quickly and that we get hungry again in a short period of time.

Another sign that we must take into account is to suffer chronic digestive problems and constipation. They may be related to other organs, but also to the pancreas.
If you are a thin person and yet have a belly a little bulging for no apparent reason, this could also be a sign of some pancreatic deficiency.

Beneficial foods for pancreas

The best way to prevent diseases of the pancreas, especially if we have a family history that has suffered, is to include in our daily diet the following foods. They all have the property of regulating sugar levels naturally, which greatly facilitates the work of the pancreas.

Pea: This delicious vegetable is known to be a vegetable insulin, so you can not miss in your diet.
Beautifulcataya pea

Brewer’s yeast: This supplement is essential in our diet since, in addition to being beneficial to the pancreas, it also regulates the nervous system and is a great ally in hair, skin and nail beauty issues.

Estevia: This totally natural and calorie-free sweetener allows us to sweeten in a healthy way. However, to regulate the levels of sugar of our organism we must take it in its pure state, and not refined.

Cinnamon: This spice, which is usually used together with stevia in the treatment of diabetes, should be permanently in our dishes. We can use it both to accompany fruits, yogurts and all kinds of desserts to add to meats and other stews.

Emotional issues

In any natural treatment, we should always take into account all the issues that can influence our health. For this reason, we are going to explain what emotions the pancreas is related.

People who may experience some pancreatic imbalance often have an obsessive character and repetitive ideas. Sometimes they are rituals or manias of which we do not realize, but that have detected our loved ones.

These attitudes contribute to stagnant energy in the pancreas.

In addition to consuming the food we have discussed daily, contact with nature and, especially, the soil is also essential. This can be a great help in getting rid of those repetitive ideas that block us.

Do not hesitate to go often to a natural environment and walk barefoot, get wet, get dirty. At first, it will probably cost you but, if you insist, you will see that after the body you ask for it and you notice a great joy and serenity. And your pancreas will also benefit from this original and pleasurable therapy.

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