Alzheimer’s disease is hard deadly disease that is caused by degenerative processes in the brain. It is a disease that can advance and cause memory loss, change the ability of the person to think, changes the way one acts and the complete personality.

The disease affects women more often than man. it is a disease of older people that can last for years. It can’t be cured but there are ways to reduce the symptoms of the disease as well as slow down it development.


In the constant search for new remedies and ways to prevent diseases, science has made serious findings about this hard degenerative disease. Researches show that a specific inflammation of the brain happens even 20 years before the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease start showing. The research was conducted among the people that come from families that have history of this disease, so they are more prone to the disease. The conclusions that were made point that Alzheimer’s disease starts as a pathological process that starts even 20 years before the symptoms start showing. This is very important to know because it can help in slowing down the disease and reliving the symptoms.


First symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease show slowly during few years and may be different in every patient. First visible symptoms are forgetfulness and mild confusion. The person also starts to deal with short term memory loss, has difficulties in making decisions, can’t deal with time and space as before, has difficulties when learning and recognizing family members and friends. Patients with this disease find it hard to deal with usual activities as well as money. They also find it hard to take care of basic hygiene, can’t dress themselves, have difficulties moving and in time they get stuck to the bed. Alzheimer’s disease is often linked to mental problems like delusions, anxiety, irritability, depression, aggressiveness.  All of these symptoms start to show when the disease is advanced. It is very hard to deal with the symptoms to the people that are affected with the disease as well as for their families.


Having in mind that Alzheimer’s is very hard disease that leaves heavy consequences to the patient as well as the family, you need to be aware and look for the early symptoms. As the various studies show the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease can appear 20 years before the first symptoms start to show. They appear in these forms:

  • Forgetfulness that affects your everyday life
  • Problems with planning and solving problems
  • Problems with doing well known tasks
  • Disorientation in space and time
  • Problems with abstract thinking
  • Difficulties in finding proper words
  • Losing things
  • Problems with judgments
  • Avoiding social activities
  • Changes in character and mood

Pay attention! Your body always warns you about what can and will happen. If you notice some of these signs in early stage talk to your doctor. Inform yourself well about the right way of dealing with the symptoms, about remedies, treatments, food that can help you. In many cases proper reaction on time can be the perfect solution for the problem.