Are you tired of all those exhausting diets that you are submitting yourself to over and over again and they simply don’t work? Are you one of those people that want to go to gum or start a workout at home but you don’t have the time? If you are at work all day or at home chasing after the kids all the time, preparing their meals, cleaning after them all the time you are probably too tired to exercise in the evening.  Well if this is your case this salad is the perfect solution to all of your problems with overweight.  It is light easy to make salad that will replace one of your usual meal and that will slim down your stomach and waist in no time.  If you are a little intrigued then keep reading.

How to prepare and use the salad

To prepare the salad you will need the following ingredients: cabbage, beetroot, carrot, lemon juice, olive oil. The amount of vegetables can vary according to your appetite and how hungry you are.  The important is to keep the ratio 3 parts of cabbage, 1 part of beet and 1 part of carrots. Prepare the salad by grating the vegetables and mix it all together. You can season the salad by adding some herbs like parsley, celery, or some other herb by your choice. Mix well all the vegetables and remove the liquid that usually appears at the bottom of the pot. Add a juice of one lemon and drizzle some olive oil over. Don’t use salt or any other spice.  This salad is a replacement for your dinner. Eat it 3 nights in a row at least 3 hours before you go to bed. If you like the taste of this meal you can continue with the diet for 7 days and then it is necessary to make a break.

Benefits of cabbage salad diet

This salad is full of all necessary vitamins and minerals, fiber and pectins that will slim you down fast. You will see the results after just 3 days of regular use.  The salad will remove toxins and stored waste from your digestive system. It will also prevent bloating and regulate the whole digestion process.  The stored fat deposits around your waist will start to melt down, your stomach will be flat and digestion will normalize. The kilograms will start reducing after just three days of use.

To achieve better results you need to adopt a healthy menu and eat food that fresh. Drink the more water because it can also speed up the weight loss process.