Large open pores are a visible problem on the face that are concerning especially for the women. Permanent reduction of the pores is impossible, but there is a variety of tips and tricks that are based on natural ingredients and can improve the visual appearance of the skin.

Pores are a normal thing and their size is a matter of genetics. People with lighter skin usually have smaller pores and those with a darker skin have larger and more visible pores. Skin type is also linked with the type of the pores. People with dry skin have tinier pores that are barely visible, while oily skin is covered with large pores.

There are many factors that determine the size of the pores. UV rays are harmful and cause damage to skin. Damaged skin lower level of collagen, the skin loses elasticity and pores become more visible. Older people also suffer from big pores for the same reason. Mechanical trauma on the skin can also cause large pores as well as black heads.
Pores appear smaller when we care about the face. Regular cleaning and removing of dead cells should be your routine.

Cosmetic industry has a lot to offer, from scrubs, tonics, crèmes, and foundations. There are also few homemade tips that can help you remove the large pores of your face.


it sounds weird but tomato is the most practical and safest remedy for large pores. Just cut a tomato and smash it or blend for a few seconds and apply on the face. Let it on for 20 minutes to half an hour and then remove. You will notice instant results: the skin will be tighter and the pores less visible. If you have oily skin, add some oats to the tomato. This will remove the glow and that way the visibility of pores.

Egg white and orange

This natural mask will reduce the pores and add amazing glow to your skin. Make a mixture of 2 egg whites and ¼ cup of orange juice. Apply the mask on the face and wait for it to dry. Then wash off with warm water.

Take one ice cube and press it over the areas on the face where the pores are visible. But don’t hold the ice for too long because you can hurt the skin. Ice will reduce the pores and they will be less visible. Ideal time to do this is before you apply makeup.

Baking soda 
It is recommended to do a baking soda scrub on your face once a week. Massage the face with your fingers in circular moves without pressuring. Then let it dry for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. Before you use this scrub open the pores by steaming up your face to get better effects.

Honey and clay 
Mix a spoon of honey with a spoon of green clay. Apply on the face and let it on for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

You have to wash your face with a mild face wash every morning and evening. Don’t ever go to bed with traces of makeup on your face.