Cabbage is irreplaceable ingredient in many meals and salads, and it is also very effective natural remedy. Our ancestors knew how to use the cabbage leaves as medicine. We reveal their ways of when and how to make cabbage leaves beneficial for our health.

Injuries and burns
place a fresh cabbage leaf at the injured spot and fix it with a bandage and leave it overnight. By morning, the swelling and pain will be reduced.

cabbage leaves can also remove the headache and fever. Put a single sheet on each side of the head and wrap your head with a towel. This can even help with a migraine.

Insect bites

Cabbage leaves ease the condition with pain, swelling and itching of stings of wasps, bees, horseflies. Cabbage extracts the pain and swelling of the bitten spot.

Breast pain and swelling
Many women suffer from pain and swelling of the breasts during lactation and breastfeeding. A leaf of cabbage can fix this problem in a very short period. Remove the hard parts of cabbage leaves and squash the leaves in the hands. Then place them on the breasts. You should replace the cabbage leaves with new after a few hours. This treatment is also helpful with mastitis.

Persistent cough and bronchitis
for this treatment you will need a head of cabbage and honey. Cut the leaves of a cabbage and one by one put them in boiling water for a few minutes. The leaf becomes warm and soft. Then spread some honey on the cabbage leaf and place it on the chest. The side with the honeys goes down on the skin. Then cover the chest with nylon foil and wrap with a towel or a scarf. Do this treatment before bedtime for five to seven days. The results will show after the first treatment. And in a few days there won’t be a trace from a cough or bronchitis.