Hypertension or high blood pressure can be considered the disease of the modern age. the number of people that are affected with this disease is extremely high. There are some countries that even have 50% of their population that is suffering from this disease.  Although in more than 90 % of cases the cause of the disease can’t be determined, it is mostly linked to obesity, stress, lack of sleep, salty food, alcohol and nicotine abuse, use of various medication, diseases, etc.


Blood pressure that is around 120/80 to 140/90 mm/Hg, can be considered as normal. This limit changes with aging so don’t panic if your blood pressure is over this range especially if you are older. Hypertension is a disease that usually does not link to any symptoms and doctors call it the silent killer. It can sometimes be sympthomized with headaches, tingling in  the ears, shortness of breath, nausea. Human organism needs some time to accommodate to increased blood pressure and then it acts like there is nothing wrong, showing no symptoms or alerts so you are not even aware that your blood pressure is higher than it should be. But hypertension is a disease that can do serious damage to the whole organism, because it harming the kidneys, increases the heart muscle and can end with heart attack or stroke.


Having in mind that a lot of patients with hypertension end up tragically, we have to say that it is very important to diagnose this condition and treat it on time. The most important thing is to frequently check your blood pressure, so that you always know what condition your organism is in. the first thing that doctors recommend after high blood pressure is diagnosed is change of your lifestyle. After you are diagnosed with hypertension your doctor will recommend changes in your diet, because it is the first step to help you deal with this condition.


Food is the main cause of various health conditions and it can also be the remedy. Right food can definitely improve your condition with high blood pressure and normalize it very soon. If you suffer from hypertension you need to know that sodium in your food is your worst enemy. When your salt intake is excess there is a possibility that blood pressure rises even more. Salt draws out the water from the blood cells and increases the amount of blood that way increasing the blood pressure.

Take care if you suffer from high blood pressure, food that contains high amounts of sodium is very bad choice for you; here are some of the things high blood pressure patients have to avoid

Processed meat
Some of the processed meat products contain up to 2 grams of sodium per 100 grams. Processed meat also contains high amounts of preservatives and it is considered as a food that causes cancer and it is important to remove it from your diet especially if you are dealing with high blood pressure.

Rolls and pretzels

If you buy rolls and pretzels in the bakery you have to know that a piece of this pastry contains 230 mg sodium. They are usually made with white flour and contain various additives and preservatives. Some also consider products made of dough as food that contains gluten. To lower the risk of heart attack and keep your health in good shape stick to whole grain pastry that you prepare on your own so that you have control of what your pretzel contains.

It is tasty but it is health hazard. Slice of pizza means that around 700 mg of sodium will get to your organism, imagine what it can do to your organism. If you still want pizza make it on your own there are a lot of healthy pizza recipes you can follow.

Marinated chicken
If you buy those half prepared chicken nuggets or marinated chicken meat have in mind that a serving (250 grams) will bring 1,5 grams of sodium in your organism. Use free range chicken meat that you can marinade on your own.

Instant soup
One cup of instant soup has around 1 gram of sodium. We are sure everyone loves soup but it is the best and healthiest if you make it on your own using vegetables and other healthy ingredients.