Food has amazing properties on human body, it can heal, soothe, comfort and it can also help fat burning. Yes there is a group of food that has power to speed up the metabolism, clean and detoxify the whole body and burn fats. It really can help you lose fat, what you need to do is add it to your healthy diet and it will make so many positive improvements.



When you drink a glass of water it starts to work in your organism, helping digestion, dissolving and absorbing everything that you ate during that period. it helps dissolving fats and prevents their storing in the body.

Green tea

When we talk about green tea, we are talking about the healthiest tea in the world that also one of the best weight loss and fat burning teas. It is rich in catechins, antioxidants more powerful than vitamins C and E. adding green tea to your daily fat burning diet will help and speed up the process of weight loss. Green tea has the ability to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and stimulate the body to burn fat. It is scientifically proved that regular consumption of 3 cups green tea for 3 months can help you lose significant amounts of body fat.  Green tea is stimulant with similar effect as coffee so you need to be careful and not drink too much or late in the evening.


Lemon is one of the healthier fruits that have a wide range of use in the traditional medicine.  Lemon has amazing properties as a natural fat burner when in combination with water. Warm water mixed with lemon is beneficial for eliminating toxins from the body, Cleaning the digestive organs and energizing the whole body. Lemon water helps to activate the detoxification and eliminating toxins from the organs. Sine id does not contain added sugar you can drink it as much as you want.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably the most used natural fat burner because it can provide easy and fast dissolving of body fat and removing extra weight from the body thanks to the acid it contains.


This fruit is the perfect choice for you if you want to lose weight. It is rich in water and vitamin C, with calcium and magnesium and red grapefruit also contains vitamin A. Rich in flavonoids and potassium grapefruit is health beneficial because it can help protection of the cells in the body and the balance of liquids. Grapefruit is irreplaceable when it comes to weight loss because of it ability to control the level of insulin and keeping the blood sugar in normal is the most important thing about dieting. Grapefruit contains enzymes that can easily burn fat so count it in as top fat burning food.

Chili peppers

Red chili peppers have characteristic aroma and taste that is a result of substance called capsaicin. It has the ability to boost the metabolism and create heat, provides the feeling of satiety and lowers the appetite. Its extracts are used in fat burning supplements because of these attributes. Chili peppers are must have on every fat burning and diet menu.


We already know so much about cinnamon. It works on its on, combined with ginger or honey. Cinnamon is probably the healthier spice with so many health benefits for human organism. Cinnamon has the property of stabilizing the sugar level in the blood and the sensitivity to insulin which makes it amazing food for fat burning and weight loss. Cinnamon speeds up the metabolism, improves digestion, and lowers appetite and increases satiety and energy. Cinnamon is among top every day fat burning food.


Rich in antioxidants this spice is also termogenic, substance with ability to create heat in the body. These properties are just what you need because body fat is full of oxidants, so ginger helps removing them, at the same time prevents formation of new body fat.

Coconut oil

It may sound weird but only by replacing your regular with coconut oil you may lose weight and body fat easier. Coconut oil contains significantly lower amount of calories per gram and human body can easily absorb it and use it as a source of energy.