New scientific researches show the importance of fats for human health. it is proven that so called good cholesterol is important for the health of the blood vessels because it has the ability to protect the arteries. But the LDL cholesterol can be very dangerous if it level in the blood rises above the normal counts. Increased cholesterol level can cause deposits of fat on arteries which disables the normal blood flow and can cause heart diseases if various kinds.

It is very important to keep your blood cholesterol level in the blood under control and react on time before it starts forming deposits and create closings in the arteries. Best way to treat the increased level of LDL cholesterol is by adopting slight changes in your diet. Food is one of the main reasons the level of your cholesterol is increased. It is important to stay away from all kinds of saturated and trans fats such as fast food, chips, and deep fried food. It is important to eat food that is as close as possible to it natural form, fresh and rich in vitamins and minerals.  There are some kinds of food that can significantly lower the cholesterol level so think about adding them to your diet if you are dealing with this problem.



According to science your level of cholesterol in the blood can drop by 5,5 percent if you eat 40 grams of walnuts every day for a month. And not just walnuts, all nuts are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for health of the blood system as well as minerals such as magnesium that is also vital for healthy heart.


Peas are rich in fiber with ability to prevent our organism to absorb the cholesterol. Only half a cup of peas every day can drop the cholesterol level up to 8 percent.


Science constantly reminds us that oats are probably the best and healthiest breakfast that we can give to our organism. It is beneficial for the weight, as well the health of the heart. Oats is rich in nutrients with ability to prevent the bad cholesterol to deposit in the organism and regular use of oats can lower LDL cholesterol by 5, 5 percent.

Red rice

Red rice is well known and used in the Chinese natural medicine.  Red rice is made with fermentation using red mold. Red rice contains 14 monacolins including monacolin k that is known for its ability to keep the cholesterol level in the blood on normal level.


This plant is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K as well as fiber and antioxidants important for the health of blood system. Regular use of this vegetable will lower LDL cholesterol because artichoke contains nutrients that have the ability to dissolve the cholesterol and that way expel it faster from the body.

Sea fish

Fish like salmon, sardine, mackerel and similar sea fish are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for healthy heart and blood system. Replace your meals packed with saturated fats with sea fish and your LDL cholesterol level will rapidly drop and it will also improve the health of your heart and the blood vessels.