Lose Weight Very Fast with the Lemon-Diet!

Numerous studies have shown that the lemon is very effective if you search for an ally which will help you to lose excess weight. If you are struggling with excess weight then it is the right time to start consuming lemons and experience their beneficial effects on your own.

If you use regularly lemons, you may lose up to half a kilogram a day. You should only avoid the foods rich in calories.

Besides this, lemons have many other benefits. Lemons will also clean your body from the unwanted body toxins which accumulates very fast due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Lemons also strengthen the immune system. The immune system must be strong; otherwise you are exposed to many diseases.

One famous star has used this diet, and her results were amazing. Beyoncé has accepted this diet and she managed to lose 38 kilograms after her pregnancy period.


• 8 cups of water
• Juice of 6 lemons
• 10 mint leaves
• ½ cup of honey
• Few ice cubes

Heat the water to approximately 60 degrees. Then add the 10 mint leaves, honey, mint leaves and the ice cubes and put it in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours. Then, strain the mixture and it is ready for use. Add few ice cubes in every glass of this mixture. When you consume cold drinks the body consumes extra energy to warm up the body and because of that you will lose fat.

You should take a glass of lemonade before breakfast and this should become a habit. Consume more fruit salads as a breakfast meal. When the hunger comes, drink another glass of lemonade and take few almonds as a snack.

Boiled eggs and lettuce salad is the perfect lunch which effectively contribute to melting the fat cells.

Few hours after the lunch, take another glass of lemonade and eat a piece of your favorite fruit. Grilled chicken or fish is the perfect meal for dinner. Combine it with some salad of your choice. Drink another lemonade glass 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.

Try the above mentioned solution with lemonade glasses and you should notice the results very quickly. It is important to avoid food with high amount of calories and it is recommended to stretch the muscles in the mornings.