Chronic pain is a condition usually linked to various health conditions such as arthritis. It is characterized with pain and swelling in the area of the joints and the muscles around.

People that suffer from this kind of diseases know that it is extremely hard to deal with them, especially when there is not proper treatment except pain killing medication.  But regular use of this kind of medicine can make your organism resistant and after a while you will not feel any effects. Besides, painkillers will not solve the problem but just provide temporary relief, with possibility to cause unwanted side effects.


Natural medicine offers a variety of completely safe remedies for these kinds of pain. They are all effective and safe for use without any unwanted side effects. Among them is this one simple treatment that can provide fast and effective relief from joint and muscle pain.

The treatment is about applying a mixture of 2 oils on the painful parts on your body. You need to add 2-3 drops of castor oil in small amount of coconut oil. After the mixture is well mixed apply on the affected spot before you go to bed.

People that used this treatment say that there are visible improvements after the first application. After just one use the stiffness in the affected joints will reduce as well as the level of pain.


Castor oil is amazing natural oil with numerous health benefits. It is rich in amazing composition of nutrients that make it safe for use as medicine as well as a beauty treatment.  Castor oil is used to treat arthritis, inflammation and swelling of joints and muscle pain. Castor oil has natural anti inflammatory properties that makes it effective for treating this kind of problems. The healing properties of castor oil are considered to be benefit of ricinoleic fatty acid that this oil is rich in. the oil is usually without side effects but may show skin allergies if used excessively.

Coconut oil is amazing oil with numerous benefits for human health. Among it amazing use as effective beauty product, coconut oil is also effective medicine. For arthritis, joint pain and inflammation coconut oil has amazing natural antibacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants that makes it good product to use for pain and inflammation.