Joint pain, severe pain in the knees area and pain in the bones all over the body is very common symptom in people over their fifties.

With age the condition of joints changes because they also start to age, the bone is ruined as well as the tendons. Health conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism are also very common in older people. These conditions are almost always characterized with episodes of severe pain in the joints and bones that can significantly lower the quality of patient’s life.

Even though we are still not familiar with the cause and the cure for these diseases, they still are not curable, we can do various things that will significantly lower the intensity of pain in the bones and joints and improve the quality of life of the person suffering from joint pain.

Traditional folk medicine is rich with various recipes that can help you treat severe episodes of joint pain that can affect you as well as temporarily heal the painful areas on your body. This one we have here was proven very effective in treating joint pain, back arms, legs, and neck pain. It is very easy to prepare yet so effective and safe for use in your own home. The recipe for this oil comes from traditional Russian medicine and it is widely used to treat these conditions.


Clean 400 grams of garlic and chop it finely. Place it in a glass container and pour a liter of high quality extra virgin herbal oil, olive oil will soothe just fine. Cover the container and store it on room temperature but away from light to rest for 2 weeks. You need to stir the mixture or shake the jar every day.  After the 2 week period strain the garlic away from the oil and you have the most amazing and powerful joint pain oil. Store it in a darker glass container and keep away from light. When using the oil you need to apply it on the painful parts on the body, rubbing it in well.  Then cover the treated spot with plastic wrap and then with a blanked to warm up the painful area. If you are treating your feet or arms you can use gloves and socks. Leave this on overnight. You will feel significant improvement in the condition of your joints after few treatments. The treatment will reduce the pain, improve mobility of joints, improves the circulation and blood supply to the affected joints and brings their functioning back to normal. It is recommended to use the treatment for a month so that you achieve best results.

NOTE: even though there are not side effects listed for this treatment if you start experiencing some complications while using the oil stop the use and contact your doctor. If you have some doubts about natural treatments talk to your doctor before you start to use them.