Prevents stroke and heart attack. Elixir And to rejuvenate your body!

This is old recipe from Tibet for an elixir that cleans blood vessels, prevents heart attack, stroke, angina pectoris, and rejuvenates the body. You only have to drink it for 20 days on an empty stomach and the results will show.

You just need two ingredients: garlic 300 grams and 1 kg lemons with skin.

How to prepare it:

Ground the lemons and garlic finely. Put it in 1, 5 l boiled water, cover and let on low heat for 15 minutes. Then take off the heat and let it cool down.  Strain and then put in a glass jar and close well.

How to use it:

The recommended daily dose is 50 ml. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach.  The dose is about one liter. Use it in 20 days 50 ml a day. Then make a pause of ten days and after it you can drink one more dose. After this dose you have to make six months brake.
Healthy people can also drink this elixir. If you decide to use it make sure you stick to the instructions and mak

e six months brake between doses.