Cancer is the most dangerous and vicious disease of the new age. It affects a large number of people causing tremendous damage to organism that ends with death in most of the cases. Modern medicine seems like it can’t find the answer to this disease and present a cure that can help hundreds of people that are desperately looking for new treatment besides chemotherapy.

Even though some patients chose chemotherapy as only treatment conventional medicine has to treat cancer, others avoid it mostly because it also kills healthy cells and causes damages to the body. There are also patients that turn to nature and seek for herbal based natural anti cancer treatments. There is high percent of those that find cure in nature and manage to beat this disease.  When we sum the successful stories we can say that ginger, honey, pineapple, beetroot and similar are very effective natural anticancer treatments. There are also some plants with the same power, and we bring some of the most effective.



This plant is very common in folk medicine, mostly because of it large list of health benefits. We can say that turmeric can successfully treat any disease. The healing properties of this plant are in the antioxidant called curcumin, which is the main ingredient of turmeric. It is among the most powerful existing anti oxidants with amazing benefits for human health. A variety of scientific researches have proven the effectiveness that curcumin has in treating cancer. This ingredient has strong anti inflammatory and anti oxidant powers and prevents tumor necrosis factor and reduces oxidative stress.


This plant is all around us especially in spring. It is mostly treated as weed but the whole plant contains very strong active ingredients that have the power to kill cancer cells without causing any damage to healthy tissues and cells in the organism. Leaves and flowers of this plant are used to prepare various natural remedies for treating liver problems, variety of skin conditions, digestion, and colds. Science proved that tea made of dandelion root is very effective cure for cancer if used regularly. This plant is rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, antioxidants, and various essential minerals which makes it one of the most powerful anti cancer treatments.


Grapes are another healthy fruit that stands as one of the most powerful cancer treatments. Black grapes are rich source of resveratol that has strong antioxidant and ant mutagen properties. Resvetatol can neutralize the enzyme CoX-2 that is main reason for cancer formation and abnormal cell growth in the digestive tract. Regular use of black grapes can significantly lower the risk of cancer. Eat the grapes with the skin and seeds because the biggest number of active ingredients are in these parts of the fruit.

Green tea

A cup of green tea is probably the healthiest drink you can treat yourself with. it can stimulate the brain and act like coffee, it is proven to help in weight loss and science also confirmed that green tea is one of the most powerful cancer killing plant on earth. It amazing benefits are a result of flavonoids called catechins. One of the strongest is EGCG powerful catechin that acts on free radicals and unstable molecules that cause damages to healthy body cells. Catechins work on preventing the tumor necrosis factor which brings them among most effective cancer killing plants.


Oil of plant cannabis is one of the most controversial but some say most effective herbal cancer treatments. Some countries still have it banned while some start to recognize this miraculous oil and legalize it use in medicinal purposes. This plant contains a substance called THC which has the ability to connect to cancer cells and start synthesis of ceramide, causing cancer cell to die.